Model SP-2 One Row Harvester

One row selective asparagus picker - Geiger-Lund Harvesters

The Geiger-Lund selective mechanical asparagus harvesters are very simple, rugged, reliable and need

very little daily maintenance.  (The air compressor needs maintenance such as draining water from the

tank and manifold,  replacing air filters, changing engine oil periodically etc.)


The frame is constructed of heavy 1/4" wall or thicker steel tubing. The wheel bearings and spindles are

rated for a maximum load of 5,000 pounds each.  The machine only weighs 1,800 pounds.


The air compressor is a rugged two-stage reciprocating type air compressor rated for a 100% duty cycle.


The pickup unit is built with two double sealed ball bearings for each roller shaft, with heavy duty  hardened

steel gears that have half-inch wide faces to last the life of the machine. The roller shafts are 1/2 inch

diameter cold-rolled steel.  With virtually no load and a low rpm the bearings and gears should last the

life of the machine.  The gears are welded to the shafts to eliminate set screw problems.


The optical spear sensor has no moving parts and works in all ambient light conditions from bright sunlight

to the dark of night allowing 24 hour operation when and if needed.


The conveyor uses a V-belt guide and will not slide off of the pulleys. The conveyor uses large double

sealed bearings, runs at a low speed, and never sees a heavy load.


The air cylinders are extremely rugged. The steel cylinder barrels have 1/4" thick walls and have

an oversized 5/8 inch diameter hard-chrome plated alloy steel piston rods welded to the pistons. 

The cylinders are built with 1" pipe threads on the bores which eliminates the need for gaskets or

o-rings to seal the barrels.  The cylinders are grease lubricated for life and do not need any lubricators

or maintenance. A cylinder can be rebuilt in less than 15 minutes.  Each cylinder should last

about 3,000,000 cycles between rebuilds. 


There is nothing on this machine that is difficult to repair should there be a breakdown. I can't think

of any breakdown that would require more than an hour tops to repair. 



Setup and Operation

1. Hitch the asparagus harvester to the tractor, and connect the hydraulic hoses to the tractor's

hydraulic system and connect the power wire to 12 volts from the tractor.


2. Hitch the tongue to the drawbar.


3. Using the drawbar, the tire turnbuckles, and while keeping the machine level, set the bottom of

the spear sensor to 8 inches above the bed .


4. Start the air compressor and let it build up to full pressure.


5. Turn on the power switch .


6. Place an empty lug box on the lug box rack.


7. Begin harvesting. 


The machine's cut timing is automatically set and will be accurate between 1/10 mile

per hour and 6 miles per hour. When the lug box gets full before the machine reaches
the end of the bed, the horn will sound so the driver can put an empty lug box on the rack.